Earwax Removal


Earwax Removal $55

Earwax removal using the latest high-tech irrigation system from the United States.  Safe, quick and painless.  Gently massages the ear canal with warm water - pressure-controlled system.  

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The "Earigator" Earwax Removal Management System

Fully automated temperature and pressure controls
Self-contained unit requires no water connection and ensures safety at all times.
Keeping the water at body temperature avoids caloric and vertigo effects.

LED illumination with magnification
LEDs on the hand piece illuminate the ear canal, while the magnifying lens allows you to see where you are aiming the flow of water.  The lens also acts as a splash guard, directing water into the catch basin.

Highly effective and pain free
The EarigatorTM has been used on tens of thousands of patients with no adverse effects reported.
Patients enjoy the feeling of the warm water massaging their ear and rarely complain about lingering pain, as is common in traditional methods.

Testimonials for "The Earigator"

"I'm surprised every ENT practice in the country doesn't have one.  It could make sense for general practioners and other practices.  I think it could be used in a more widespread manner.  We use them all the time, every day.  Half the people who come to our office need to have their ears cleaned

- Otalaryngologist, Buffalo NY

"I do some free clinics.  Earigator is so much faster, more effective and safer than anything else out there.  I can't believe someone didn't come up with this sooner.

- Otolaryngologist, San Diego, CA

"I love my Earigator, I even cleaned my own very difficult, impacted, cerumen ears!

- Otolaryngologist, Milwaukee, WI