Hearing Aids

Today's Hearing Aids are:    Stylish |  Discreet | Effective | Multi-functional
This is the most popular style of hearing aid.  Available as rechargeables.  Small and discreet.  Great functionality for hearing in all environments as well as hearing speech in noise.  Automatically adjusts for optimum performance as you move through different listening enviornments during the day.  Suitable for most hearing losses.
RICS - Receiver in the Canal
BTE -Behind the Ear
A larger, more powerful hearing aid.  Suitable for severe, profound hearing losses or for those with poor dexterity.  Available as rechargeables.  Adapts to your changing listening environments and can help you hear better in background noise.
ITEs - In-the-Ear hearing aids
Come in a range of sizes.  Suitable for those who don't want a device behind the ear or who have poor dexterity for handling behind the ear devices.  The smaller ITEs are near invisible and can be a great solution depending on your type of hearing loss.  Larger ITE hearing aids are now available as rechargeables.
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Speak to your hearing care professional as to what style and model is right for you
Cost of Hearing Aids -  We don't have the overheads of larger clinics so we can give you more time and charge less for hearing aids.
Hearing aids come in four main levels of technology.  Hearing aid prices range from $1000 to $7750 for a pair (fitting and follow-up service included in the price).   We assess your hearing loss and lifestyle requirements to recommend the most suitable hearing aids for you.

The included "fitting and follow up" service consists of a one hour appointment to fit the hearing aids and a two month trial of the hearing aids where we provide regular follow-up appointments and an alternative hearing aid solution if required.  Two further follow-ups in the first year are also included in the price.